Pasadena, Tx is having a HUGE Crawfish Blowout with 7 bands, live action wrestling and plenty Mudbugs!!!

Good Vibes Radio and Fuzion Bar & Lounge are coming together to bring you the Leap Year Party Bash of the year!!
Feb 29th
Starts at 11am
This is an all age event til 7pm (no minors in the bar area)
Tickets are $10 pre-sale on Event Brite or available from the bands or Alex Trujillo 713-304-2388, or $15 the day of event.
This is an all day event! A Dj, 7 bands and live action wrestling will be the days entertainment!
Crawfish, food and drinks will be sold separately on site.
Vendors will also be on site selling goods.
No Ice chest or outside food of beverages allowed.
Additional parking at Kroger’s lot.
Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome!
This event is made possible by The World is Yours Ent. LLC, Houston Fire Protection Services, Fuzion Bar & Lounge, and Good Vibes Radio.

Bands/acts :
Dj Cyde – 11am and throughout the day
EV-DEE – 12p -12:30p
Beachside Vibes- 12:45p -1:45p
Alex T – 2:00p – 2:30p
Ojos Rojos- 2:45p -3:45p
King Baby – 4:00p – 4:45p
Phil Good Music -5:00p -6:00p
The Philosophers- 6:15p -7:15p

PWF -Professional Wrestling Federation – 2:00pm in ballroom

For any questions please contact Alex T. 713-304-2388

A boy asked his dad to help the homeless. Now, father and son take them out to lunch each week.

Chase Hansen was 4 years old when he first noticed a homeless person while he was shopping at an outdoor mall in Salt Lake City with his dad.

“Chase looked at me and said, ‘Dad, who are these people? Why don’t they have a place to stay?’” recalled John Hansen, 44. “After I explained that they had run into hard times and were homeless, I knew that we were looking at an educational opportunity. My son wanted to help them.”

Hansen, a former sales and marketing business owner who had recently divorced, decided to spend his weekends with Chase doing something beyond playing video games and tossing around a football. The father and son persuaded a local Jamba Juice store to donate more than a hundred smoothies, which they then handed out to homeless people in a Salt Lake City park.

From there, they came up with another idea, said Chase, now 10.

“I wanted a way to get to know people better,” he said. “So me and my dad decided to start taking some of the homeless people we’d met out to lunch.” 

Once or twice a week, over cheeseburgers and fries, soup and sandwiches or tacos, the Hansens sit across from their new acquaintances in a booth and share a meal while starting a conversation.

“I would ask them where they were from, what their hobbies were, stuff like that,” said Chase, a fifth-grader who lives with his mom during the school week. “And sometimes they’d share the story of how they became homeless.”

“A lot of people walk right past homeless people and don’t see the person,” he said. “I know now that they’re people just like us. They want to make a connection and not feel so alone in the world.”

More than 150 lunches later, John Hansen and his son now run a self-funded charity called Project Empathy, hoping to inspire others to create friendships with homeless people in their own neighborhoods and help line them up with resources and agencies that can help with housing, employment and alcohol or drug addiction.

What started as a way to spend time together and extend a hand to those less fortunate has turned into a passion for both, said Hansen, who lives in Taylorsville, about 12 miles south of Salt Lake City.

“Chase and I realized that the country needed an army of people to practice empathy, and that by doing something as simple as taking a homeless person to lunch, we could maybe inspire others to do the same,” he said. “Any time you can help to give someone a voice, it’s empowering.”

The Hansens have forged strong friendships with many of the people they’ve dined with, including a father who became homeless after a divorce and chose to live year-round in a tent so he could be near his two sons, rather than move away to live with relatives in another state.

A former electrician, Mike Campbell, 53, said he has struggled for years with mental illness, including bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress syndrome brought on by childhood trauma.

Homeless for three years, Campbell had moments of extreme loneliness and despair before he met John and Chase one day on public transit.

“John struck up a conversation, and after we exchanged contact info, he reached out to me on Facebook to see how I was doing,” said Campbell. 

“We made a real connection, and soon he was inviting me to bring my sons to go bike-riding or fishing with him and Chase,” he added. “Just to know that somebody cared made a huge difference.”

In a short time, said Campbell, John and Chase Hansen have become his trusted friends.

“Their hearts are always on the right side of good,” he said. “They’ve taught me how to be a friend again. I’m still homeless, but they’ve put me in touch with benefactors to help me with things like a rec center pass so that I can exercise and tires for my bicycle so that I can get around.”

During Chase’s holiday break from school last month, he and his dad decided to take Project Empathy to Las Vegas and Phoenix, traveling in an RV with one of their homeless friends to serve lunch at shelters in both cities, then visit the Grand Canyon.

“I just want other people to know that they can do this in their own town,” said Chase. “When you have lunch with a homeless person or just sit and talk to them, it helps to lift their life.”

John Hansen often becomes emotional when he recalls those early first meetings with his son over breakfast or burgers with strangers.

“He proves that you’re never too young to make a positive impact,” he said.


220 Sheep Saved From Australian Bushfires After Heroic Pup Herds Them to Safety

Patsy the terrier-shepherd mix is being hailed as a hero after she rushed to rescue more than 220 sheep from a field during the Australian bushfires.

This courageous pup is being credited for saving an entire flock of sheep from impending bushfires in Australia earlier this month.

On New Year’s Eve, Stephen Hill saw the wildfires approaching his sister’s farm in Corryong, Australia sometime around 4:15AM.

Hill and his 6-year-old pup Patsy then rushed over to the farm, hopped onto a 4-wheeler, and rode out to where the sheep were wandering the fields.

Quick as a flash, Patsy rounded up the herd and ushered them into a barn while the owner of the farm fended off the flames with a tractor and water pump.

Thanks to Patsy’s quick actions, almost every single one of the roughly 220 sheep were saved from the fires.

“If you haven’t got a good dog, you can’t do so much with the sheep,” Hill told NBC News. “They’re really difficult to move in any way, shape or form unless you have a good dog.”

Since Patsy’s heroic story has been shared across international news outlets and social media, her owners have started an Instagram account for the terrier-shepherd mix—and it has already garnered several thousand followers.

Thankfully, Australian meteorologists are hoping that this week’s forecast for upcoming rainfall will help bring a much-needed break to the province’s bushfires.

Source: 220 Sheep Saved From Australian Bushfires After Heroic Pup Herds Them to Safety

Rebelution @ House of blues Feb 2019

2C6888C5-A68C-4F56-B1E2-E90172A48FE51FB21734-2412-4193-A2EE-4E1FC4016FE7043D24E3-D9F2-4A89-AC62-EB151AEBFECB1CEB140B-2E54-47E6-8F44-602F8DD2A143AB5A54EC-6A7C-4FD0-998E-86B4334EF177Everytime these guys come into town they take it to another level. And now that their last album Free Rein was realeased last year , they were able to play a lot of bad ass new material! These guys never cease to amaze me!! They even played an Houston Tx classic song by Z-ro ,”I go Though so much”
And I would be a fool to not mention how kick Iya Terra nearly stoke the shoe!!! These guys are better than good and def earned the right to be up there opening for Rebelution! I remember seeing Iya Terra a Scout Bar , now they are on a nations wide tour with in of the members bands out! MASSIVE LOVE TO ALL!!!! Enjoy the pics and vids!

Iration is coming to Houston House of Blues 10/16/18

0FFA2770-B683-47C1-BA6D-D6230D36A492     Iration is coming back to Houston House of Blues for their new 2018 album release tour! These guys always put on a great show and bring a great crowd!!! And to top the night off, they are bringing Commin Kings and Katastro to jam the night away!!! What more could you ask for!  This is going to be an epic night!!! Check out our Facebook page for ways to win free tickets! Make sure you get their new album ! You won’t regret it!

You can buy them here:

Common Kings – Houston House of Blues 2016

    common kingsScenario, it’s Sunday night there’s good vibes in the air and you can almost smell the rasta walking into the House of Blues for tonight I would be jamming out live to the Common Kings and Ladies and gentlemen, least I say they did not disappoint but we’ll get back to that in a moment. When Tomorrows Bad Seeds hit the stage I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but they did not slow down for one second. I was definitely looking at a group of guys who had a deep passion for what they were doing on that stage and the crowd was soaking up every bit of it. You see song after song the night got better, but I don’t think I was quite ready for the energy that the Common Kings were about to bring to that stage. Then I saw these island men move the crowd and that subtle reggae rock filled that room I was moving and grooving and I didn’t wanna stop. Folks if Bob Marley and R.Kelly had a love child I feel like his name would be JR KING and he definitely packs that star power and quite a few times had the whole crowd participating. All in all the Common Kings did not disappoint and I could feel the luv. So from one bad seed to another in the land of Common Kings this is a show you wouldn’t wanna miss.
The Lion from Mt. Zion,
Makaveli DelaCruz

The Expendables Winter Blackout Tour 2015 Re-Cap: Houston, TX House of Blues

As many of you know, I (Alex T.) am a huge Expendables fan! I never miss them when they come to Houston to shut it down. And shut it down they did! This year they came with up and coming band Katastro, whose sound I’m digging, and power house Ballyhoo! You know its a good show when the opening acts are Headliner bands themselves!!! As always, you go to an Expendables concert knowing that its gonna be a kick ass show, and this time was no different. Geoff always comes out and gets the crowd amped to for a great performance. He always sounds nice and clear live, with smooth melodic vocals, and never misses a beat with his guitar. I always think its amazing how Adam can jam so hard on the drums but still belt out perfect harmonies and back up vocals at the same time! The dude is just plain beast!
I can’t forget to mention Ryan and Raul who help these songs become completely amazing live!! When Raul shreds on the guitar he demands you attention, and believe me , you will comply! When Raul and Geoff pull together for metal style dueling guitars it will melt your face (I personally love how these guys fuse metal with their reggae surf rock). It all gets rounded off when Ryan hits those sweet thumping bass lines. I thinks its cool that Ryan will also do backup vocals and sometimes even take the lead vocals. This band has got a great sound and awesome live show! When the fellas hit your town you should make it you life’s mission to attend! It will be worth it!! For those of yall who do not know The Expendables I have embedded a YouTube playlist of their music for you to jam!! Also, here are some pics of their Houston stop at the House of Blues for their Winter Blackout Tour. Enjoy!

The Expendables YouTube Playlist (If you are on a laptop, you may have to pause the radio player to hear the videos)

The Expendables Winter Blackout Tour w/ Ballyhoo! , Fortunate Youth, & Katastro

Winter Blackout Tour 2015Ok, if you have’nt been living in a cave or under a rock, then you should definitely know about The Expendables!!! What they are doing for the reggae genre is amazing. Plus, the blend of genres that these guys fuse into their songs makes them a power house act inside and outside the reggae genre! They can woo you with smooth island sounding songs or melt your face off anytime they choose, with metal fire that burns! They headline their own tour every winter called the Winter Blackout Tour!!! I myself have been the last 3 years in a row when they come to Houston , Tx, and it never gets old! Every year it gets bigger and better.They always rock the house and always bring the best bands wit them!!! This year for 2015, they will hit the Winter Blackout Tour with Ballyhoo!, Fortunate Youth, & Katastro. Thanx to Live Nation , will be at the House of Blues Houston to cover the Houston stop of their Winter Blackout Tour on 3/6/15!!! You can get your tickets for this tours remaining dates at:


Stay tuned in for a recap, summary and photos from this event!!!!

Coughee Clothing Smoker Wear


Coughee-Clothing-logoEver wish you had more clothes that reflect your real lifestyle? Then , my friend, you are in luck!!! We would like to introduce you to Coughee Clothing !!! is your one stop shop for all your smoker wear! Mr. Turhan Rhodes II’s photography has been a staple in the hip hop and entertainment scene for 25 years, and is the inspiration behind the images and artwork you will find on all of Coughee Clothings’ Products!!! Stop by their website and check them out, and go ahead and buy a shirt or two, and help support the movement!!!!