Rebelution @ House of blues Feb 2019

2C6888C5-A68C-4F56-B1E2-E90172A48FE51FB21734-2412-4193-A2EE-4E1FC4016FE7043D24E3-D9F2-4A89-AC62-EB151AEBFECB1CEB140B-2E54-47E6-8F44-602F8DD2A143AB5A54EC-6A7C-4FD0-998E-86B4334EF177Everytime these guys come into town they take it to another level. And now that their last album Free Rein was realeased last year , they were able to play a lot of bad ass new material! These guys never cease to amaze me!! They even played an Houston Tx classic song by Z-ro ,”I go Though so much”
And I would be a fool to not mention how kick Iya Terra nearly stoke the shoe!!! These guys are better than good and def earned the right to be up there opening for Rebelution! I remember seeing Iya Terra a Scout Bar , now they are on a nations wide tour with in of the members bands out! MASSIVE LOVE TO ALL!!!! Enjoy the pics and vids!