The Expendables Winter Blackout Tour 2015 Re-Cap: Houston, TX House of Blues

As many of you know, I (Alex T.) am a huge Expendables fan! I never miss them when they come to Houston to shut it down. And shut it down they did! This year they came with up and coming band Katastro, whose sound I’m digging, and power house Ballyhoo! You know its a good show when the opening acts are Headliner bands themselves!!! As always, you go to an Expendables concert knowing that its gonna be a kick ass show, and this time was no different. Geoff always comes out and gets the crowd amped to for a great performance. He always sounds nice and clear live, with smooth melodic vocals, and never misses a beat with his guitar. I always think its amazing how Adam can jam so hard on the drums but still belt out perfect harmonies and back up vocals at the same time! The dude is just plain beast!
I can’t forget to mention Ryan and Raul who help these songs become completely amazing live!! When Raul shreds on the guitar he demands you attention, and believe me , you will comply! When Raul and Geoff pull together for metal style dueling guitars it will melt your face (I personally love how these guys fuse metal with their reggae surf rock). It all gets rounded off when Ryan hits those sweet thumping bass lines. I thinks its cool that Ryan will also do backup vocals and sometimes even take the lead vocals. This band has got a great sound and awesome live show! When the fellas hit your town you should make it you life’s mission to attend! It will be worth it!! For those of yall who do not know The Expendables I have embedded a YouTube playlist of their music for you to jam!! Also, here are some pics of their Houston stop at the House of Blues for their Winter Blackout Tour. Enjoy!

The Expendables YouTube Playlist (If you are on a laptop, you may have to pause the radio player to hear the videos)

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