The Expendables Winter Blackout Tour w/ Ballyhoo! , Fortunate Youth, & Katastro

Winter Blackout Tour 2015Ok, if you have’nt been living in a cave or under a rock, then you should definitely know about The Expendables!!! What they are doing for the reggae genre is amazing. Plus, the blend of genres that these guys fuse into their songs makes them a power house act inside and outside the reggae genre! They can woo you with smooth island sounding songs or melt your face off anytime they choose, with metal fire that burns! They headline their own tour every winter called the Winter Blackout Tour!!! I myself have been the last 3 years in a row when they come to Houston , Tx, and it never gets old! Every year it gets bigger and better.They always rock the house and always bring the best bands wit them!!! This year for 2015, they will hit the Winter Blackout Tour with Ballyhoo!, Fortunate Youth, & Katastro. Thanx to Live Nation , will be at the House of Blues Houston to cover the Houston stop of their Winter Blackout Tour on 3/6/15!!! You can get your tickets for this tours remaining dates at:


Stay tuned in for a recap, summary and photos from this event!!!!

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