Rebelution @ Houston House of Blues 1/18/15 Recap!!!

As if you already don’t know……These guys rock!!!!  I don’t know how they do it!!! Every time Rebelution comes to Houston they just get better and better and always seem to out do themselves. And to add to there clout , it was another sold out show!!!! So if you missed this one you can kick your own ass right this instant!!! We’ll wait………… These guys tore the roof off the place! And it’s always amazing to see and hear a sold out crowd sing along with the band in unison on the key parts of their hits. We absolutely love the way Rebelution interacts with the crowd!!! Not to mention the free after party they threw in one of the Houston House of Blues’ party rooms after the show. This was one of my best and favorite concerts of all time!!! And thats saying something!!!! The genre itself is taking off like a pissed off rocket, and Rebelution is at the forefront!!!

But not to worry! Your good ‘ol buddy Alex T. from took some pics to rub it in your FACE if you missed it!! Stay tuned for more pics and events!!!!

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